The rise of AI digitally powered marketplaces has played a pivotal role in disrupting traditional consumer markets in recent years with many also predicting the rise of AI-powered digital marketplaces would displace traditional recruiting models within B2B environments. Whilst evidence would point towards a lack of traction for B2B businesses and arguably failed predictions, the opportunities within the Film and TV production Industry, combined with addressing other inefficiencies, are even more evident than ever before.

Before we look into the TV and Film production industry in more detail, let’s take a step back, in recent years through the use of AI, online marketplaces have been transformed, impacting a wide cross section of consumer led industries. This is no more evident than Airbnb’s disruption of the hospitality sector, Uber redefining the taxi and Amazon enabling consumers to bypass traditional bricks and mortar retailers completely. Impressive in their own rights, the common factor underling these and many others, is the growth of technical innovation. Geo-location services, AI algorithms, cloud-based services, smartphone development and the ever-evolving internet have all played a part.

However, there is also a misguided assumption that with so many successful examples, a marketplace approach is the immediate fix for all industries and will ultimately lead to a better way of getting things done at a lower cost and greater efficiency. Such unsuccessful predictions have often been placed on recruitment, claiming that marketplace AI technology will lead to the end of the recruitment profession altogether.

The idea that the recruitment function can be made obsolete through technology, fails to take into consideration that unlike other models, the product or service of ‘individuals’ is extremely complex and very hard to quantify objectively, as is job requirements and needed work skills. The requirement for the TV and film production industry is not about the replacement of the recruiter, but to provide the industry with better tools to enable enhanced efficiencies and cost savings. It should enable collaboration between candidates, employers, recruiters, jobs and management.

An efficient AI-powered marketplace is arguably the right approach, the primary consideration is does a marketplace that solely tries to address the challenge of recruitment, actually miss the opportunity to be disruptive and build a solution that to truly helps production companies and the teams they employ.

What do we mean by this? To better explain, lets revisit the often-overused term of disruption. The term refers to doing things differently and making a deliberate choice to try to change the general notions within an industry. Is creating marketplace that solely focuses on linking employers with employees, inclusive of freelancers truly disruptive? Does it really look to cater for the industry globally? Current and past performance of the organisations that have tried, and in the most part failed, would imply not.

Understanding the inefficiencies within the production industry from a recruitment perspective, whether it be cost, process, systems or accessibility, allows a greater understanding of the underlying challenges affecting the film and TV production companies and freelancers they employee.

The goal of Production Crowd is to challenge ourselves to address these problems and do our part in helping the film and TV production industry become truly more efficient and cost-effective. Our aim is to elevate performance through the use of technology, with the emphasis on providing assistance, not necessarily replacement.

Production Crowd will be releasing more information over the coming months prior to our launch, highlighting how we aim to turn the problem statements into solutions and launch a marketplace management platform that can truly deliver global solutions for the TV and Production community, at a local level.