New Zealand is currently one of the rare success stories on the global stage for its successful
approach and ultimate containment of the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, they have already
announced that there can be a resumption of domestic film production, with international
productions to follow. Resumption does not come without limitations as the Government of New
Zealand have produced detailed guidelines for how domestic and International productions should
operate with the virus a continued and ever-present threat.

That said, the positive intent has already seen over 50 crew arrive along with filmmaker James
Cameron, as they look to prepare themselves for the recommencement of filming of the eagerly
awaited “Avatar” sequels. Although keen to get started, no action will take place for at least 14 days
as the crew undergo government supervised self-isolation.

Such positive steps have seen the industry firmly fixing their sights on New Zealand as the potential
solution to kick starting production and provide a much-needed boost, as countries around the globe
grapple with the challenges of establishing a safe path to filming resumption. As an example, Los
Angeles County Public Health Department is expecting film and TV production to resume with
‘modifications’ as part of stage three in its recovery plan, however such a resumption is weeks away
and dependent on the status of the virus.

What is clear mind, is that no other country has been as successful as New Zealand in their
management of the Coronavirus. A key benefit is the country also has the capabilities and
infrastructure to handle multiple Hollywood blockbuster productions at the same time. In addition
to the ‘Avatar’ sequels, Amazon and Netflix will be looking to get back up and running soon with
their New Zealand based productions soon. But even with their resumption, it is keenly felt tat News
Zealand could offer a safe filming haven for a number of other movies that have been forced to stop

For a country that has been praised around the globe for its handling of the coronavirus, their scaling
of film production resumption will only take place is safe to do so, and will be supported by new
government led rules and protocols.

During these times there is no script on how to restart the film industry and specifically production,
but New Zealand are well set to play an integral role in its recovery.